When you work hard and face challenging tasks every day, putting in countless hours to provide value to the people you serve, Kahan Productions wants to recognize you, and your efforts, promoting outstanding accomplishments and significant achievements.


Through our “LIDERES” events, Kahan Productions identifies those who exemplify the very best in our communities; honouring their contributions and recognize the positive difference that they have made in the lives of their colleagues, and the cities in which they live.



Eligible LIDERES Awards nominees are Hispanic and Canadian Men, Women and Kids who continually exceed community standards of professionalism, creativity, service, entrepreneurship and skills, and display a commitment to excellence in their field, while promoting high ethical standards.


Kahan Productions is delighted to review and consider nominations of Canadian and Latin-American Men, Women, and Kids you know and admire for this prestigious honor. Nominations can be submitted to Kahan Productions research and selection committee, and the name of the winners will be announced at the Pre-Gala Reception, based upon various categories such as arts, entertainment, dance, music, politics, creativity, entrepreneurship, community service, and others.


Our “Women Lideres” Event will take place this year on June 28th, 2019 at the Regent Theatre, 551 Mount Pleasant Rd, in Toronto, starting at 7:00 pm and will feature outstanding performances from some of our nominees.


Lideres.ca is the brain child of Myrna Kahan, a media personality and reporter from San Juan, Puerto Rico who resides in Toronto since 1989. Myrna has served the Hispanic communities in Canada and Latin America as a Producer and Entertainment Host; as a Journalists with weekly columns for several media outlets; as a Director of Events; as a Marketing Liaison for Brands, Businesses and Embassies, and in Public Relations for Artists, Speakers, Politicians and Entrepreneurs.


“A strong community leads to a healthy way to do business.”

Myrna Kahan is a successful Hispanic business woman with vast experience and contacts in the international stage. Her resumé includes tv shows, radio shows, online reporting and blogs, concert productions, community organizations and awards shows


“Connecting through common goals”

Kahan Productions has been involved in hundreds of projects and events in the past, which include: Canadá Latino TV, Super Latin Hits on Energy 108FM, online reports for TorontoHispano.com, La Portada Newspaper, Correo Canadiense, Latino Magazine, InterNews agency for Latin America, the Tropicana and TropiCuba Shows, Lime Light Theatre, Roy Thompson Hall, Latin Parade 2000, TLN Latin Fest at Canada's Wonderland, Caritas Latin Ball, TeleLatino Network, Pan American Food Festival, co-production of shows for artists such as David Bisbal, José Feliciano, Ricky Martin, Maluma, Don Omar, Kevin Roldan, Oscar D'Leon, RMM, and many, many others.